About Us

Our Mission

First Continental International (FCI) is a global leader in sourcing and distributing chemicals and other raw materials directly from manufacturers.

To give our customers a competitive edge in a globalizing market, we strive to be the most reliable source for consistent quality and supply while offering steadfast customer service and competitive pricing. Our win-win-win business solutions give our customers the confidence needed for long-term growth, cost-efficiency, and success.

Our Story

From its inception as a subsidiary of Sinochem—China’s largest chemical manufacturing and distribution entity—FCI has grown into an independent, American-based company that maintains direct relationships with reliable, well-established chemical manufacturers to bring their products to the export market.  These unique ties offer FCI strategic and economic advantages for securing, monitoring, and distributing products to our customers.


  • 1950: Sinochem is established as the China Import Company as a national-level foreign trading company.
  • 1965: Sinochem begins to export chemicals as the China National Import & Export Corp., now trading 300 products with 90 countries, totaling an $80 million export volume.
  • 1973: Sinochem becomes China’s sole agent for importing and exporting crude oil, petro chemicals, fertilizer, and natural rubber.
  • 1980s: Sinochem begins setting up branches abroad to help manage the trade routes. Foreign trade turnover came to $10 billion in 1984 to 1985.
  • 1991: FCI was established as a branch of Sinochem in the World Trade Center in New York City.
  • Mid-90s: The Chinese government began to lessen restrictions on import and export. Sinochem adapts by restructuring its business model.
  • 2001: FCI becomes a fuller independent, American-owned company focusing on specialty chemicals with one office in Glen Rock, NJ and two offices in China.
  • 2006: FCI’s advanced distribution network came to fruition in North America by delivering and unloading ISO-tanks of hazardous products, bulk materials, etc.
  • 2014: FCI expands business dealings into six continents and 20 different countries.
  • 2017: Still primarily representing manufacturers in China and East Asia, FCI expands footprint to partner with European and South American manufacturers.

Our Reach

FCI has access to more than 5,000 chemicals, metals, and minerals to meet the growing demand of a wide-range of markets in Europe and America. Our chemicals and raw materials are used in a variety of industries including pharmaceutical, food and beverage, cosmetics, pulp and paper, environmental and agricultural, building and construction, and the stainless steel and metallurgy industries.

FCI has access to over 5,000 chemicals, metals, and minerals to meet the growing demand of a wide range of European and American markets

FCI maintains inventory in local warehouses in North America so that products from China are available to the customer as readily as products from local producers. Our offices around the globe are staffed with chemical engineers and other industry professionals. These highly qualified individuals can assist you with knowledgeable, personalized customer service and logistics solutions to ensure that the products you order arrive quickly and safely. 

Our Standards

FCI manufacturers comply with strict international quality control standards, including manufacturing practices, and ISO and social certifications. With support teams in China, FCI personnel can effortlessly monitor quality throughout the production process to ensure that raw materials are manufactured in accordance with American and European standards. We have several well-known, accredited laboratories and contractors in the United States and China that work together with us to meet your specific QA/QC requirements. An efficient feedback process is also in place to quickly resolve any questions you may have regarding quality.