Customer Service

Professional Customer Care

At FCI, our customers are our top priority. Our professional staff is well-versed in the fields of raw material transportation, logistics, and customer service, and can offer sam- day response to nationwide requests.

We work directly with you to customize orders, to formulate unique chemicals, and to create a business partnership with personalized procurement and logistics solutions.  FCI is truly your trusted bridge to raw materials and semi-finished products from China and Asia.


One of the main challenges from sourcing chemicals abroad stems from the time lag.

FCI has ability to coordinate questions and responses with our manufacturers abroad within the same day, and designated technical contacts will be available to help assist with any questions you may have.


Buying goods Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) from FCI means we take full responsibility of the shipment from China to our customers’ door.

Many different problems can arise when shipping internationally—accidents, adverse weather, labor disruptions, spills, leaks, you name it. But rest assured that FCI has tried and true experience successfully handling each of these issues. You can count on us for a positive shipping experience.